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Tube End

Continuous Improvement

Already a leader in CNC and automated bending of small diameter tubing, Custom Tube Products has added a new CNC mandrel bender to expand medium & high-volume bending capability to 3.00” diameter.  This state-of-the art machine has a triple-stack bend head allowing for up to 3 different bend radii per part, servo-controlled pressure die assist, servo-boosted carriage for tight radius bending, and the latest in computer controls.  The bender, installed in April 2012, expands production capability for parts such as intake, exhaust, compressor, fuel system, and structural components.

 “Although we have had the capability to bend tubing up to 3.00” diameter for many years, we have not been able to cost-effectively produce parts with complex geometry in this size range for medium-to-high volume applications.  The addition of this machine will allow us to close this capability gap and provide better options for customers that currently only rely on us for small diameter tube fabrications.” states company President David Love.



In 2011, Custom Tube Products acquired two additional pieces of CNC equipment:

Haas VF3 CNC

The Haas VF3 CNC streamlines our tool making and R&D operations.  Equipped with a 4th axis, this CNC milling machine automates our in-house production of bending and end form tooling and offers production capacity for prismatic parts and hole drilling.  Combined with CAM software, we have been able to drastically reduce the lead time of bend tools and fixture production.


Nomura CNC Swiss-Type Lathe

In late 2011, we increased our lights-out machining capability by adding an automated screw machine with live tooling and a sub-spindle.  With this machine, we are able to produce specialty tube fittings and components up to 1” in diameter complete with no deburring or secondary operations required.  The Nomura CNC Swiss-Type Lathe will also allow CTP to move production of some key components in-house.


For more information, please contact David Love at 386-426-0670.